The Snoring Beast

In darkness lurks the snoring beast
It waits until the dead of night
Its keeper fallen fast asleep
It creeps out from dim cavern lair

The peace of sleep it seeks to kill
Devouring sweet dreams and rest
Its maddening roar opens eyes wide
Its relentless breath tears the peace

The quest to vanquish such a foe
None have yet found the perfect foil
No spell nor drug nor wicked blade
Can penetrate its shadowed hide

The beast returns each night anew
Tears it seems do not move its heart
Yet against this foe hope yet stands
Tales of the creature vanquished past

Holding true to the sacred quest
Lovers do strive for slumber yet
As long as courage holds its course
As love they say does conquer all

Notes: This is a poem I wrote for my wife about the challenges we had with my snoring, especially early in our relationship. Ultimately we found something of an uneasy truce where most of my snoring was mitigated through elevated sleeping and mindfulness and she became accustomed to it to some degree. We did try a number of different remedies but there were no magic bullets to be found. Still, I had a lot of sympathy for her plight and we kept at the problem and I try to be mindful of it still.


2 Responses to “The Snoring Beast

  • Goodwin
    4 years ago

    Great pic; very nice poem!
    Sig have you been checked out for sleep apnea?

  • Yes, I did a sleep study, an interesting experience. I was categorized as “light apnea” enough that they could prescribe a C-pap machine but only just barely. I tried it and it didn’t work for me. When I sleep my rational mind pretty much takes a vacation so anything that bothers me gets eliminated. So I would just remove the C-pap once I fell asleep. The same goes for any appliance or gadget that attaches to my face in any way. I never remember doing it, but I almost always do it and the longer I try to use it, the more frequently it gets removed.

    Getting out of the Pacific Northwest actually helped some. I used to be congested pretty much all the time in Alaska and Seattle. Now it’s much less common and I snore less as a result. The other change that works somewhat is I use a wedge-shaped pillow to elevate myself when sleeping. I don’t always stay on it but it reduces the snoring somewhat. I also sleep on my sides more and try to avoid sleeping on my back.