In Sickness and in health (but mostly sickness)

When I married my Anne
On all hallows eve
I made a dire pledge
Amid autumn leaves

In sickness and in health
Is the vow that I spoke
And I meant every word
Of that oath that I took

On that very first night
I stubbed my big toe
And at that very moment
I felt love start to grow

So I twisted my ankle
And was happy to say
I loved you even more
In every single way

Soon I coughed up a lung
And gave it to you
Wrapped in a box
A pretty one too

Next thing you know
I’d lost my mind
When I fell off the porch
And left it behind

Free of my brain
All distractions were gone
My love for you
Was even more strong

It was right about then
I drew my last breath
Which I saved for you
Because you’re the best

Yes I bought the farm
And a plot I could fill
And gave up the ghost
Which haunts you still

In sickness and in health
I will always love true
Not even in death 
Will I stop loving you!

Note: I’d forgotten about this one, but it made me laugh reading it again. I have a soft spot for subverting the usual formula for love poems and the like. I didn’t watch the meter carefully here and I couldn’t quite get one of the rhymes to work out, but I think it has a nicely readable cadence.


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