Greetings!  Welcome to the personal blog of Sigfried Trent. This is a blog of my thoughts and life experiences.

It is neither commercial nor professional, just a collection of my writings on whatever topics I feel motivated to write on. I keep the art/pictures to a minimum and focus on the words. While I may talk about my other enterprises, I pledge this blog will remain commerce free.

Anne & Sigfried

Anne & Sigfried together!

  • Activities:  Writing, Gaming, Traveling and Husbanding
  • Interests: Games, Computers, Politics, Philosophy, Debate, Science, Religion, Movies
  • Favorite Music: The Police, Pink Floyd, Wierd Al, George Clinton, Frank Zappa
  • Favorite TV Shows: Rome, Game of Thrones, The Wire, Nova
  • Favorite Movies: Blade Runner, Time Bandits, Nausica, Monty Python’s Holy Grail and Life of Brian
  • Favorite Books: Earthsea novels, Dancers at the end of time
  • Favorite Quotations: “Death to all fanatics!” and “Never bet against stupid.”
  • Politics: I lean liberal, but I am not a “team” player in politics, my views are my own.

3 Responses to “About

  • Shea Aubuchon
    7 years ago

    Hi there, I have been listening to all your old DDOcast episodes. Fantastic is all I can say. thank you for all you have done.

  • Hi Shea, I love hearing from DDOcast listeners! Hitch (Sig) occasionally plays DDO, and I sometimes will listen to the latest DDOcast with Patrick. I’m glad to see that the Podcast is still going strong and that folks still go back to listen to the older episodes. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

  • Hi Shea. Very kind of you to come by and say thanks. I really enjoyed my turn as DDOCast host and we are proud of the work Patrick has done since. Of course, you are very welcome. We are just glad what we did can still provide some fun and entertainment even today. Good gaming to you!

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