The Debate



Ladies and gentlemen
Gathered today
I’ve an argument to present to you

Listen closely to me
And you shall hear
Irrefutable proof of love most true

I took a sacred vow
That forever
I’d love my wife unconditionally

And so, for many years
I have been true
And snuggled her most vociferously

What is that you have seen?
Tears in her eyes?
I’ve always gently wiped them away

There are days that are hard
Challenging times
But our commitment and love win the day

Can you see how she smiles?
Those pretty eyes?
I contend no man could resist such charms

I do love her so much
With all my heart
She will forever be safe in my arms

And here so you can see
Without a doubt
That I love Anne with each beat of my heart

And that any of you
Who disagree
Are most-assuredly, not very smart!


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