Busy being unemployed

I intended to keep busy while between jobs, but I had no idea just how hectic life could feel while unemployed. 12 years a go I did a pretty long stint and to be honest there was a lot of video gaming going on, long walks, and watching TV.

This time around I’m up to my ears in stuff to do!

  • Job hunting – I have some 8 resumes now and every cover letter is hand done. Job sites require filling out lots of info over and over. I’m averaging about 10 apps per week and various follow ups. And for every app there are lots of positions to consider and research.
  • DDOCast – My weekly podcast takes some time to prepare and perform, and there is a fair bit of reading that goes into that.
  • Writing – There is more advanced feats work to be done and I got another small gig to write an article for EN-world. I also follow up on reviews and posts from readers and post here and there to promote the books. I’m also reviewing an upcoming novel now and trying to blog more.
  • Gaming – I signed up for a PvP tournament in DDO and am still playing fairly heavily (though a bit less). CoC and D&D games are ongoing.
  • Learning – For the jobs I really want bad I try to do a lot of research. I’ve been digging into the SEO business as of late. I’m also reading books on C# and Web development and trying to get started on some home projects for both.
  • Friends – I’m trying to use some of my “free time” to catch up with folks I haven’t seen in a while, and there are lots.
  • Housework – Since I’m home much more I’m doing more work on the home front, which I actually enjoy from time to time. Been more of a handy man changing faucets and fixing doors and such.

Back to work!


2 Responses to “Busy being unemployed

  • karin
    13 years ago

    If there is a vacuum and it is open it will get filled!
    You know where to go if you need tools or advice on household repairs, always here for you.

  • Yeah, so get your crap in order because we’re short staff on ODN… It seems like it’s all just me and Squatch of late… AHHHHHH!

    I’m just messing with you. I’m happy to know you’re still out there, alive and stuff. 🙂 We’ll see you when you’re ready for us!

    Have a fabulous weekend!