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Damned Spammers

In resurrecting this poor little blog I found that the internet has only become more of a haven of scum...

3 faiths

Thoughts on Religion

Philosophically, I am an Agnostic. I do not know if there is a god or gods in the universe. After...


Mega dusty blog necromancy: like a boss!

Rise long dead blog and roam free among the living to take revenge for all the wrongs you suffered in...


Dusty Blog Mini-Reviews: Games

Had a nice weekend in Oregon and thought it would be fun to share my thoughts on a few games...

A Town Called Panic

Lazy Sunday Micro Movie Roundup

Last Sunday I sat by the fireplace and indulged in some heavy movie watching on netflicks. Dark Days: A documentary...

Great red dragon

D&D Ultimate Edition: Late for the party

Last week I decided to write up a series of blog posts about D&D, edition wars, and a personal pet...


Thoughts on Bees and Pesticides

Like many I heard about Colony Collapse Disorder a few years back with Bees mysteriously vanishing. It seemed alarming but...

40 years and all is well

40 years and all is well

Today marks 40 years of Sig. So far so good 🙂 Probably the best present is a new Job I...


Populating a Combo Box with an Enumeration

I though I’d share some code. If you aren’t a .net programmer, this is probably pretty useless for you.

Announcing: The Home Cooking Party

Announcing: The Home Cooking Party

I am hereby staking my claim to “The Home Cooking Party” as the name and identity of my own political...