Paizo Con Aftermath


Back from Paizo con where I spent nearly all my weekend; from early Friday to Sunday afternoon. Paizo Con is a gaming convention for the Pathfinder RPG; which is in turn a D&D offshoot.


I tend to go to this Con mostly to support my friends Wolfgang and Shelly with their Open Design company, but this year it was personal! I had my first print RPG book with my name on it available for folks to buy, so in addition to selling their fine products I was selling my own.


Beyond manning the booth, collecting emails, and talking up the latest OD offerings I had special missions to run some adventures created and sponsored by the company as well as to host a panel about the wide world of feats. Both games and panes went off great, and we seemed to sell a pretty decent number of books considering the small size of the convention.


Some highlights for me

  • Players in my adventures praised them and I even got a hug and some chainmail as spontaneous tribute.
  • Despite the early Sunday morning panel time, I had a solid audience for my feats panel. (I find a small audience much scarier than a large one.)
  • Someone told me that their experience with the Netbook of Feats was what launched their freelance writing career.
  • Many people had kind words about my work and wanted to talk about feats with me.
  • I scored more freelancing missions to keep me hammering away at the keyboard.



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