Whats New with Sig?

Job Hunt: I’ve been averaging at least one interview per week, which is great. While nearly all have gone well, I haven’t landed a gig yet. Competition is tough out there. I have signed up for c# development classes over the summer which should be good fun and great for honing my skills. I did my first on call Game Testing work. It’s minimum wage and it’s fairly boring, but I wanted to see how such things operate and I was engaged soaking in all the details and trying not to look foolish (since I got zero training before assigned my work).

Writing: I go the numbers for my work on Advanced Feats and I made well more on the project than anticipated. It actually looks like a real paycheck. Of course thats a two week paycheck after many months of work but its real money and that’s pretty darn cool. Also I’ve got the print version coming out so it will keep earning for me. Great stuff and a huge thanks to Open Design for great promotion and coming up with the project.

Gaming: Been playing DDO which had a new expansion, doing our podcast for the game, and dabbling in Wesnoth. I’ve got my hungry eyes on the new Deus Ex game which looks like just my cup of tea.

Life: Today while heading back from an interview my car went off the deep end. The electrical spazzed out and starting or stopping the engine has become a crap-shoot. It is not a happy car and at more than 22 years old… we don’t think its worth fixing as its likely to continue to decay. That means I’m buying a car while unemployed… hurray. It also means I plan to buy the car outright because having payments while unemployed is very risky. I do count myself lucky that I actually have the money but its still a big hit.





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