Advanced Feats: Best Sellers

I like to watch over my little game products and see how they are doing, respond to readers, and generally indulge in a little internal joy at their mere existences. I was happy to discover that three of them have manged to be awarded copper sales medals at Drive Through RPG.


I don’t know exactly how many that is. It is the lowest of the sales awards they have, yet not all that many products I’ve looked at sport any such awards so I feel like its at least a little bit special. The three oldest books are sporting it and I hope that in time they all garner one.

Secrets of the Alchemist

Witch’s Brew

Summoner’s Circle


I have to say that much of the credit goes to Shelly Baur for her hard work on marketing and promoting Advanced Feats as well as for coming up with the idea of having me do feats books for them. She does a killer job for Open Design.


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