It’s Summoning Time!


My third installment in the Advanced Feats Series has been unleashed on an unsuspecting world!

Advanced Feats: The Summoner’s Circle is its name and cool feats and builds is its game. This is the most ambitions entry in the series because summoner is a wild and crazy class that really pushes the boundaries of the game rules in many different directions. It is also easily my favorite class of the six in the Advanced Players Guide for Pathfinder.

If you play Pathfinder, then pick up a copy tonight. 🙂  If not, send me happy thoughts.  I’d love to see this one climb up the pathfinder charts like Alchemist and Witch.

What do you get for only $3.95?

  1. A class breakdown
  2. 30 new feats with commentary
  3. 3 full summoner and eidolon builds
  4. An eidolon character sheet
  5. Anne’s cool critters and laser sharp layout

That’s 18 pages of gaming goodness!


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