Early Civ V thoughts

The mighty Civilization V was released into the wild today and I’ve got the week off to partake of it.

The Good: Its pretty, its addictive, its got nice music, and its got smart mechanics

The Bad: Its crashing a lot on my computer, about once an hour or every other hour.  Being a turn based game with auto-save this is not a huge problem but its annoying.

The Ugly (not really good or bad): Civ V is in some ways stripped down from Civ IV so its a simpler game in most respects, not simple mind you, but simpler.  Its also a beast on system requirements.  I was getting serious chop until I realized my SLI wasn’t turned on.  It does have a very cool “iconic” style display, eschewing all the graphics for old school war-game symbols.  A very cool touch that helps if your system chugs on all the pretty stuff.

See you in the history books!


4 Responses to “Early Civ V thoughts

  • Karin
    13 years ago

    Parents learn new stuff from their kids all the time. Had to look up SLI this go around.

    I will look forward to seeing CIV IV in action at your place some time. Still getting a daily dose of CIV II on my old pc. Have CIV IV but don’t play it as much. Guess I am stuck in the past civilizations for some reason.

  • Karin
    13 years ago

    woops meant to say looking forward to seeing CIV V in action. My fingers are full of typos this week.

  • Its pretty fun, but its also a real system hog.

  • Karin
    13 years ago

    It would overwhelm my computers then as they are not nuclear powered.

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