What is Sig Up To?

For those curious on my general life status, here is the skinny as of Nov 2017

The wife and I are wintering over with my good friend Tom Pettigrew at his place near San Diego California. The Airstream is parked in the driveway and serves as cat camp and bedroom while we mostly lurk in Tom’s dining room during the day. We’ve been trying to make ourselves useful around the house by cooking, cleaning, and organizing.

Funds are starting to run low for us so we are focusing more on making money. I’m putting in some job applications at local game developers and considering some seasonal work as well. Anne has taken over nearly all the work on Trail and Hitch for the time being. I’m focusing more on writing a novel, a strategy guide, and starting up a new blog called Debate Dojo. I’m also writing freelance for Outdoorsy on their blog.

I’ve been debating, as you may have noticed, on a site called Qallout. I won $250 in a cash tournament, so for the first time, someone paid me to tell people they were wrong. It’s something of a milestone for me. I’ve also made some money doing promotional work for their site which is nice. Mostly, it’s a lot of fun.

Overall, we are well. Anne is never a big fan of winter quarters, the lack of adventure puts a crimp in her style. This should prove to be something of a test of our itinerant lifestyle. We may need to dig in for a bit, or we may find opportunity leads us afield. Time will tell. Right now, I am shaking the trees and seeing what falls out.

If you have a moment, let me know what you might like me to write about for future Thought Dispensary posts.



2 Responses to “What is Sig Up To?

  • You might also try submitting articles to Rova, an print magazine focused on the younger RV generation who are taking longer road trips. I have seen it on the local newstands. The pay per article is fairly decent as far as non solicited freelance article pay goes. https://rovamag.com/be-a-contributor/

  • Thanks for the tip. I sent them a proposal for an article about the Channel Islands.