Honoring Veterans Day


In the midst of a divisive moment, it’s good to remember ideas and values on which most of us are united. For that reason, Veterans day is more in my mind this year than in the past. I feel a heightened desire to pause and take a moment to write something in honor of Veterans.

I would love to see the day when there is no need for armies. A day when no one needs or desires to kill others to get their way. An era when knives, guns, gas, and bombs are superfluous for anything beyond, industry, or sport. But until we do, there is a need for some of us to put their lives at risk, and to shoulder the moral burden of war, in the hopes of keeping ourselves and others safe and free.

Not every soldier is noble, not every one brave, and not all are put in harm’s way. Yet all take a risk and all serve and it is to all the honor goes on Veterans day. Thanks to my father Goodwin Trent, my grandfather John Trent who both served. Thanks to all for your duty and service.

I hope that as a nation we can find common ground in thanks and in practical deed to show respect. We must make commitments to take care of those who guard us and most of all to work to create peace and end war so that some day we no longer need to call on young men and women to bleed and die for the collective defense of liberty or the greed of nations.


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