My Hillary Clinton Endorcement


Despite Sanders continuing to struggle on through the primary, I think it is beyond any realistic doubt that Hillary Clinton has sealed up the Democratic nomination. I was not one of those who thought that was a foregone conclusion and I supported Sanders in the primary due to his earnest and consistent politics rather than specific policy positions vs Clinton’s history of dissimulation and political gamesmanship. It was never a crusade for me, just a preference and my usual inclination to root for an underdog.

We could have a new face come in as a third party candidate, but I think with all the attention the primaries garnered this year, that may be a distant threat to the two parties. The greens are running, but I’ve never been a fan of their policy nor found their leaders inspiring. The Libertarians represent some of my ideological roots, but their candidate seems like an opportunist to me, and his political track record doesn’t exactly sync with his ideological claims. Also, both parties are simply too far afield from mainstream political views go get the traction needed to be elected. If there was a candidate I felt a strong connection to among them, I might well vote for them, but I don’t so I won’t.

So it’s Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and that is no choice at all for me. While I find Clinton pretty far afield from my own style, and I take issue with her hawkishness and general squareness, she is very responsible, experienced, and generally prudent. While I didn’t like her politics of old, I feel she has turned some corners and followed the social liberalism of my generation and those that followed as well as what I see as the general stream of American progress in civil liberties and justice. Donald Trump, on the other hand ,is a shallow, self-centered, pandering liar. I would not vote for him excepting a true despot or madman was the only alternative. I don’t find him to be as dangerous or scary as some, but I don’t like him one bit.

The other reason I will gladly vote for Hillary Clinton is one many mock and deride, that she would be the first woman president. While I truly liked and admired Obama, the first president I actually can identify with personally and politically, I also voted for him partly because he would be the first black president. I feel the progress of American attitudes towards classes people traditionally denied full rights and privileges is among the most important aspects of our country and its history. While freedom and liberty are the cornerstones, the real meaning of it is not realized until it applies to everyone. And it is one thing to say, but quite another to do, and finally another to demonstrate by offering leadership to those who once were denigrated and denied full liberty and dignity. It is both an important symbolic gesture as well as a substantial thing to take a perspective once relegated as second class and give it the opportunity to lead.

I’d not vote for just any woman of course, but Hillary has fought hard to represent and earned the opportunity through decades of service and effort. I may not much like her political style, but she is worthy of respect and most of the attacks against her are hollow efforts to give substance to a general distrust or dislike. If you dislike liberal policy, I can understand why you wouldn’t join me. I think it’s silly to expect the opposing side to suddenly drop arms and join in, though with Trump as a standard bearer they should perhaps consider at least going Libertarian this year. For my part, I’ll move my underdog allegiance to the woman striving to become commander in chief. I may not be the world’s most ardent supporter, but I will likely help turn out the vote, say my peace in argument, and of course cast my ballot for her.


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