Various Updates


Ugh, kind of fell of the blogging wagon there, but fear not, the blog never dies, just gets kind of sleepy. Today, just a series of small what’s happenings.

Still really busy here, but finally we have no grand projects lined up in the immediate future and can do some much needed work to improve the quality of systems that had to be rushed into production. When it comes to software development I prefer the slow and steady approach. Velocity comes through a good foundation allowing fast revision and addition but you have to take time with that foundation to get this effect.

Live Gaming
I’m running Horror on the Orient Express a Call of Cthulhu adventure that weighs some 10lbs. We in the second episode, about to start our 4th session. So far so good, its a well written adventure and has had plenty of opportunity for mayhem and madness. I’ve got some quibbles with its narrative structure but that is something as a Keeper I can manipulate to my liking.

Computer Gaming
Lots of that lately. Still cranking away on Hearthstone but slowing a bit. On the phone there is Puzzles and Dragons which is mildly amusing for a few moments each day. Dragon Age Inquisition was a hard core pleasure of the first order. A truly grand RPG and one where the story fit in with my character nicely (though my first character idea not so well and started over quickly). I played the heck out of that. Now its on to Legend of Grimrock (a nice modest puzzled dungeon game) and Pillars of Eternity (like baldurs gate but newer) which started slow for me but is picking up momentum as the story unfolds.

I only stuck on my diet for about 6 weeks. I enjoyed it but decided I would enjoy eating out with friends more. Just got over nasty allergies and being sick so I think I may move back on the diet but not certain. The only lasting diet affect at this point is all the canned fish I’ve been eating. Generally good for me that.


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