Up All Night


One of my bad habits is staying up later than I should. I’m something of a night person by nature I think. I find darkness kind of exciting and intriguing so rather than settling me down it kind of focuses me on things I want to do.

What I want to do most of the time is play some video games! 🙂  I have a rather insatiable appetite for them, have had since I was first aware they existed. Mind you, there are others far more rabid about them than I. I can get my fill, at least briefly, and after a good bout of gaming I’m good for getting other things done.

Dark has never meant sleep for me. Growing up in Alaska the day/night cycle shifts pretty dramatically between summer (light all the time) and winter (dark all the time). It drives some folks mad but I grew up simply ignoring it as a cue. I tend to not want to go to bed, and not want to get out of it once I’m there. On occasion when unemployed and single, my life would take on a 25-26 hour cadence with waking and sleeping advancing 2 hours each day.

The plus side of that is for the most part I can sleep nearly any time and nearly anywhere. I’ve never had trouble sleeping. I don’t stay up because I can’t sleep but because I don’t want to stop being awake. There is always so much to do and experience.

Of course these days life is fairly regular. Married and with a regular job I have to keep my schedule pretty normalized. Generally I get up around 8:30 and go to bed around 1am, but typically any given week I short change myself and stay up very late, and one weekend morning I stay in bed until noon or so. And once or twice a year I do an all nighter, though that never really works out too well.

Tonight I think I will not be staying up especially late but you never know for sure. 🙂

Diet Update: Still going pretty strong on the willpower and have not broken any of my rules yet. Down about 10lb or so after two weeks which is typical. The best part though is I feel pretty good, less heavy and bloated, and the tummy is a lot less temperamental.


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