Football Fantasy


I’m not a sports fan. I just don’t feel an ownership or investment in cheering for other people competing. I’d much rather compete myself or cheer personal friends. That said, I can appreciate competition and the joy that others feel as well as the comradery sports engender.

Last Sunday I had what will probably be my lifetime sports pinnacle moment. My long time and good friend Dennis, who is a Seahawks fan extraordinaire and man of great generosity, bought tickets for Anne and I to the NFC championship game. It was Anne’s first live football game and my second.

You really couldn’t ask for a more excited and unified crowd and Anne and I played our part by dressing up in hawks regalia and honestly cheering for the team with gusto. In case you didn’t see it, this was a rough game where the Seahawks were getting whooped on for most of the game only to make a spirited comeback regarded by many as one of the most dramatic in playoff history.  I’ve ever been hugged by so many complete strangers in my life. The spirit of the crowd was fantastic and infectious.

Of all the sports American Football is definitely my favorite and this game had some of the elements I like best; trick plays and desperate but calculated gambits. I like that football has a lot of specialization and room for players with different abilities and roles. It also has a great deal of strategy and variety of events that take place during the game. All in all it is the most “strategy game” like of all popular sports not to mention the most warlike. It is the only sport I get much pleasure in watching, though true fandom will likely forever eludes me.

I feel privileged to have such a kind friend and to have had such a great sports experience. Life doesn’t get a lot sweeter than that.


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