Damned Spammers


In resurrecting this poor little blog I found that the internet has only become more of a haven of scum and villainy than ever. The moment I started posting again spammers swarmed to my humble site, one that has almost no traffic, and they began to link farm like mad, creating meaningless comments laced with back links to bump the google ranking of whatever nefarious site they did the bidding of. Clearly its mostly just bots designed to fill every unsecured nook and cranny with their pointless noise to please other machines doing the more noble work of cataloging the internet for us.

The result was it became impossible to moderate comments on my blog so I had to just flat turn them off. It is very much out of the spirit of free flow of information and ideas which I am so fond of but it seemed the better course that to try and stem the tide of robotic annoyance. So my apologies for the one way communication. If you find something compelling enough you can always shoot me an email.  Sigfried<at>gmail.com


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