Mega dusty blog necromancy: like a boss!


Rise long dead blog and roam free among the living to take revenge for all the wrongs you suffered in life.  Or at least host a few random posts before crawling back into your grave.

The dear wife Anne has resurrected by blog after it met a grisly end at the hands of hackers a year or so ago. Its been alive for a while actually, just waiting for the spark of life and a new post to share with the world.

And what has transpired in this time in the life of Mr. Dispenser of Thoughts? Well, a lot and not much. As usual, my life is no one filled with grand drama or drastic change. The most significant changes are in my work.

I was promoted slightly about six months back as a team lead, and then promoted again about three months later to manager of the development department. Pretty damned exciting in a way, but its also pretty damned hard and thus difficult to bask in the glory of such achievements. You go from, “I bet I could do that”, to “Oh shit I’m doing this.”

It makes me wish I was one of those boundless energy people, but I’m more suited to armchair general and occasional battlefield champion. Still, while I struggle here and there I manifestly don’t suck at the job and have my moments of brilliance. I count my blessings that my employees are smart experienced grown ups, each pretty damned awesome in one way or another.

Right now I’m doing employee reviews. Its an interesting thing trying to make some kind of judgement of the work of people who are professional peers. I try to approach it more like coaching athletes, you just try to make impartial observations and give them pointers where you can.

Anyhow, every day is a new lesson in how to suck and how to succeed at this particular game. If someone would just print a damned rulebook for it I’d min max the hell out of this thing. 🙂


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