Dungeons Deep


I recently did a little bit of writing for Dungeon a Day and though I’d promote it a little. Dungeon a Day is a project Monte Cook started where they would build a mega monster dungeon by putting out a new room 5 days a week. It’s been going on for a couple of years now and getting very near to finished. This thing is massive and unlike many mega dungeons there is pretty much zero filler with each room getting a good dose of loving care.

I cooked up a few rooms for level 19 of the beast where the characters enter a series of strange pocket dimensions. It was a fun assignment since it was pretty much anything goes so long as it rocks. So far my rooms have gotten a warm reception by the regulars and I’m real happy with the work I did. I can’t wait till they get a look at the latest concoction of madness I worked up.

Unfortunately, if you are not a member of the site you can only see the first level so my rooms aren’t on view. None the less it’s a fun site to look around in if you are a role player and just a really cool project. They plan on doing another dungeon when this one is done so if it sounds cool, that may be the time to jump in. Or, if you want what may well be the most massive adventure module ever written, I definitely recommend it.


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