Announcing: The Home Cooking Party

I am hereby staking my claim to “The Home Cooking Party” as the name and identity of my own political party. I thought it would just be a good idea to do so publicly before anyone else did. In my research I could not find any prior claims.

But Sig, what is The Home Cooking Party?

For now it’s mostly a notion I have for a political party. Perhaps it will be something serious; perhaps it will just be a way to express my own political views. At the moment I just want to kind of stake claim to the name and perhaps share the idea behind it with folks.

Right Sig, I still don’t know what this party is about, politically that is.

I know, but that would take a long time to really lay out and I’ve got to get back to some other work. My political views are decidedly out of step with mainstream American political definitions, though I would say they are not that out of step with their spirit since this is the country I grew up in. I’ll give you a taste however with a bit of branding and then something about the name itself.


What is the Home Cooking Party?

A well balanced meal of rational thinking and heartfelt emotion with a cool glass of humor, and a slice of humble pie for desert.

What does the party name mean?

I wanted to make a political party that represented my way of thinking but would also appeal to other people. Finding some middle ground between the politics of the Left and Right in twenty first century America was part of the goal. Many words that represented ideals I might ascribe to my views were already taken as party names or sounded too narrow. I wanted a name that was in itself neutral in the political spectrum yet still spoke to both my values and the values of others.

My wife actually suggested the name, partly in jest but I felt it was perfect. It captured elements of American traditionalism that could appeal to both left and right camps. And for me that is what I wanted to speak to, the common human thread we all share before we start arguing about how to best represent it as a nation.

For me the name is about taking the time and doing the work needed to show others you love and care about them as well as enjoying and appreciating those efforts. It is about having a practical approach to getting things done that isn’t written in stone or entirely made up from scratch. Home cooking is a mix of traditions passed through generations and the inspiration each new generation adds to the mix to create tomorrow’s traditions.


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