40 years and all is well


Today marks 40 years of Sig. So far so good 🙂

Probably the best present is a new Job I start next week. I’m going to work for a cool printing company as a Quality Assurance Engineer. That means I am creating software that tests other software to make sure it works properly. It’s something I’ve not done before but I’m looking forward to learning and excelling at it. My c# skills are developing nicely and I feel comfortable writing code in it though there is still a lot to learn. Perhaps most exciting is the chance to “wow” some new folks with my work.

I’m going some Lan Gaming Sunday to celebrate which should be fun. We are playing an Indi game that simulates a Star Trek like bridge with each person at a different station, a central command screen and a captain without their own computer. Should be very interesting and fun. Huge thanks to my friend Steve for putting it together for me.

I also treated myself to a new graphics card for my computer which means I can play some recent game acquisitions at an acceptable speed. Binged on Civ V for a couple of nights and it sure felt good! Still haven’t won on Emperor level yet but I came very close.

It’s been a really interesting year. It was sad and frustrating to leave my old job, but the chance to do freelance writing full time was a wonderful experience. I hope I can keep up some measure of that up but I won’t quite have the time for it I did. I’m actually coming out of unemployment feeling pretty financially stable. I had to dig into my retirement a bit, but I’m debt free (other than the house), have a new car, lower house payments, and a decent hunk of money in my bank account.

As to feeling old; I’m not especially. A little fat perhaps and not exactly young, but mostly I still feel like a kid that has more wisdom, courage and smarts than I’d otherwise be entitled to. In a way being a gamer is a bit like membership in the peter pan club: think young and play till you die.


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