I love interviews


I know a lot of folks hate interviewing but I have to say I always look forward to it. I do get a little nervous but it pretty quickly dissipates as I get into conversation about myself, the company, and work in general. I get to meet new and generally interesting people, show off a little when answering questions, talk about myself, and best of all: learn about different companies and how they think and do business.


The worst that happens is they don’t want me but that is the default in my mind. Unless I show up and interview they don’t even know who I am much less want to work with me. If I get the job, that’s golden, if not, then I learned some things and met new people.


You also never really know how well you did. I’ve had some where I thought I was a perfect fit and didn’t get the job, and others where I though I did badly, or really wasn’t trying too hard and won the position. While they are judging you, its a judgement relative to their needs and the other candidates you are up against. You just can’t take it personal because 95% of the time it really isn’t.


At any rate. Today I had perhaps the coolest interview I’ve ever gotten. Six hours and 10 different people from various parts of the company, plus a cool tour of the business. Exhausting? You bet. But it really was great fun and with so many different interviewers I really felt like I learned a lot about the business and got some great tips and ideas from them. I’d love the offer, but I trust they will make the decision that is best for them and if I don’t get it, then I look forward to the next opportunity.




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