Disappointment and Resolve

It hasn’t been a great week on the job hunt. A position I really felt like I had a shot at didn’t pan out. I felt I did well in interviews and it was a good match all around, but apparently not good enough. Also, my former employer decided to appeal my unemployment decision. I think I can win that case but its a distraction to the job hunting.


On the bright side, an application that seemed like a hail marry pass turned up some unexpected opportunities and led to an inspiring interview with some possibility of future work My phone continues to ring occasionally with interest from the usual recruiters and interested parties so its not exactly a wasteland.


I take disappointment pretty well, but there is always a drag of anxiety and a struggle for self worth that comes with hunting for employment. Along side that for me is some impulse to just forge my own path and try to be in business for myself. If the interviews I’ve had with people I liked and admired, thats what they most suggest to me. While it has a great appeal, its a daunting prospect and I have always been something of a pragmatist. In the end, believing in myself, and a long history of not crashing and burning are what keeps me positive and moving forward.


At this point I have three viable strategies.

  1. Keep hunting until I land a decent salaried job despite my somewhat out of date skills
  2. Try to go into business for myself writing, programing, or lord knows what else
  3. Sink my savings into going to school and updating my skill set

There is always the multi-class option and trying to do more than one at a time… which is kind of my default but tends to yield rather mixed results. So far I have found I have the time and energy for about 1.5 of these strategies and am currently running 1 and half of 2. I’m starting to think 3 and half of 2 might be better so I’m going to start looking at my education options. If any of you have a vote or suggestions, I’d love to hear it.







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