An even dozen

This week the company I’ve worked for for 12 years and I have parted ways. A year ago I also stepped away but was called back with reservations. This time however the parting is more absolute.

Prior to MRS I’d never worked at one company or operation for more than a year. I’d held jobs for longer but often the company would changed hands or I would get a dramatically different assignment. I’ve been working at the company longer than I’ve been married or lived in my home or quite a number of other things I measure my life by so leaving is a big change.

While I was very much enthusiastic about the companies ambitions and stated priorities, often the reality of how they were carried out left me confused, disappointed, sometimes angry, and in the final days, betrayed. I’ve always been one to hold onto things longer than they are of value for me and this was no exception.

And now now I am free of the obligation to fight for something that I didn’t believe in and seek a new objective, hopefully one more in keeping with my own spirit. My mind still frequently ponders what went wrong, and what could be done. I have a few loose ends to tie off but for the most part I’m moving on free and clear. Still, whatever my regrets, I did great things for MRS and MRS let me build a stable and prosperous life for which I’m grateful.

Finding a place where you can fit in well can be scary and challenging, but I have been there before and always found a way. So I am uncertain but optimistic.


2 Responses to “An even dozen

  • I found an appropriate quote for this auspicious occasion in your life.

    “As a rule, I am very careful to be shallow and conventional where depth and originality are wasted.”
    Lucy Maud Montgomery

    It will be exciting to see what comes next. In the meantime enjoy life and don’t forget you are valued by many for all your various exceptional qualities.

  • Kosimo
    13 years ago

    Hi, Sig, your “even dozen” post resonates with me. After 7 years it can feel discouraging when we repeat past mistakes. For all our organizations strength, dexterity, & intelligence, what we really need is some wisdom! 😉 I ask myself often if the optimism that carries me through the rough spots could be put to better use elsewhere.

    I’m excited for you and look forward to hearing what you’re doing next. Maybe more d20 content?