Sig’s Social Networking

I’m bad at social networking, both on the internet and in real life. I tend to approach communication with an eye to serendipity. Wherever I am, I interact with folks in the context they appear.

Because of a paper Anne worked on I’m signed up with quite a few and I have my web site which broadcasts these posts far and wide in my various networks. Its really a lot of communication power. The problem is there is little context here or in most social network sites. I do like to keep up with what friends are doing but I tend to like it as a kind of non-interactive summary of the top stories.

I’m also old school when it comes to the internet and computer communications. I am a forum hound. And unlike many who seek out like minded souls to commiserate with, I seek out contrary minded souls to argue with. My #1 on line time waster and passion is a debate forum: also known as ODN. The debate there is pretty intense and the minds at work are fairly powerful. My brain and opinions are stretched and challenged and I learn a great deal researching topics to prove how wrong my opponent happens to be.

Passion #2 is the Dungeons and Dragons Online official Forum. While I get into a few debates there, mostly I’n on that one to talk about the game, its rules and game design. I make builds for people and have done well more than 100 of them over the years I’ve played. If you play, its well worth reading the more informative forums:

I am going to make an effort to make more blog entries and to be a bit more chatty in general on these new fangled social networks.


One Response to “Sig’s Social Networking

  • karin
    14 years ago

    Yes indeed, I agree with what you say about your social networking skills.

    I am busy working on your birthday present. It is a snake, so pick up the phone and network or I will train it to bite you.