iPad Acquired

I  found that having fondled an iPad at the apple store on a couple of occasions that I could not resist its tempting siren’s song for long.  It is, as I have noted just a large iPhone but without the phone part, or more to the point a large iPod touch.

But the thing is, there is a lot I can do with a larger screen that I can’t do with the smaller one and it has a much more robust battery life for on the go surfing/gaming/working.  The virtual keyboard can nearly be typed on with my oversized mitts.  (It requires a kind of hover and peck technique but I can type at least half as fast as normal this way which is decent.)

My intrepid wife is busy setting it up for optimal awesomeness and I am downloading the latest version of the development software to see if I can learn how to make workable apps for it.  I’m hoping I can make it into something of an RPG toolbox as much as anything else, but we will see.

For those wondering “why is it good,” I offer these answers…

  • The touch based user interface really is a joy to use most of the time
  • The screen and speakers are great for any and every kind of media you might want to enjoy
  • The fact that its substantial library of software is instantly accessible at any time you are on line.

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