iPad Acquired

I  found that having fondled an iPad at the apple store on a couple of occasions that I could not resist its tempting siren’s song for long.  It is, as I have noted just a large iPhone but without the phone part, or more to the point a large iPod touch.

But the thing is, there is a lot I can do with a larger screen that I can’t do with the smaller one and it has a much more robust battery life for on the go surfing/gaming/working.  The virtual keyboard can nearly be typed on with my oversized mitts.  (It requires a kind of hover and peck technique but I can type at least half as fast as normal this way which is decent.)

My intrepid wife is busy setting it up for optimal awesomeness and I am downloading the latest version of the development software to see if I can learn how to make workable apps for it.  I’m hoping I can make it into something of an RPG toolbox as much as anything else, but we will see.

For those wondering “why is it good,” I offer these answers…

  • The touch based user interface really is a joy to use most of the time
  • The screen and speakers are great for any and every kind of media you might want to enjoy
  • The fact that its substantial library of software is instantly accessible at any time you are on line.

Current gaming addiction (DDO)

Current gaming addiction

Lately I’ve been back into playing DDO.  While I’m a subscriber to it, the free to play model has brought in a lot of new players and the development team has been cranking out new and fun content to play.  It really feels like the game has re-invented itself and found its audience as a result.

Ive been playing for 4 years but I’ve been out of game for at least 18 months of that time here and there, mostly because another game has caught my fancy or I just want a break from grinding monsters and treasure for a while.  The guild I started back on day 1, Umber Hulks, is still kicking long after I stepped down as its leader.  I’m amazed how many of its members are still playing and remain loyal to the guild.

About half my DDO time is spent playing and about half is spent creating character ideas, chatting with other players, and sifting through my inventory.  My experience has shown that’s something I like in an MMO, a bit of a social experience and virtual shopping simulator along with a nice complicated game to make the prior two exercises worthwhile.  These days you can find me in game, on the forums, and on the DDO podcast.  I have something of a reputation as a rules and mechanics guru.

What makes the actual game such a pleasure is that the mechanics are complex, the strategies varied, and the action is fast paced.  I find most of the other MMO’s tend to have straight forward mechanics (though still quite strategic) and a fairly plodding pace to the combat.

If you are looking for a fantasy hack and slash RPG, I highly recommend it.  It is free to download and free to play from level 1 to 20.  But be warned, while the free options make for a great game the paid options will grow very tempting.  Turbine makes more now than they ever did with subscribers and it’s not by forcing anyone to pay.